Coordinating a project as great as ASSETS can get a little scary sometimes, going by the amount of hope laid on us by thirsty young minds yearning for school apart from nature itself that we view to conserve in the long run! I must however thank the different stakeholders, donors and well-wishers involved since things would be impossible were it not for them. Our different stakeholders categorically, have been pivotal in effecting the fruitful dinner we held recently at our Mwamba Field Study Centre.


After a short planning and advertising of the fundraising dinner, the 12th December D-day finally arrived. The day kicked off with a good plan of entertaining kids who flocked at our premises at exactly 1000hrs in the morning very excited and feeling very energetic for the day’s activities. With a totally number of 60 kids of different ages, the day smoothly passed with organized games and environmental classes by the beach from our staff. The kids day ended at 1600hrs after a very tasty meal thus opening the gates for our dinner guests.


The dinner was crowned by a group of dancers from Mida community that entertained the guests as they enjoyed themselves while serving. The core reason being our ASSETS program, short inspiring speeches were given by our Community Manager Mr. Stanley Baya, an ASSETS graduate, miss Lydia Kayaa and a community member Mr. Julius Katana.

IMG_4835Mr. Stanley Baya giving a speech at the dinner

The ASSETS project is being administered in two main ways; the general bursary fund that provides upto70% of school fees and a child sponsorship scheme for the exceptionally needy students. Providing 70 percent of the school fees is a huge relief to most students whose parents can comfortably raise the rest. Some of the children however hail from extremely challenged families, while some do not have any. This therefore calls for an exception in the amount of money we pay as scholarships (bursaries) in such instances thus we had to think of some other new ways of fundraising for the ASSETS program. The dinner was relatively rewarding as we raised Ksh42,100/=

The ASSETS project is actually a package for the whole family as almost everyone has a story to tell about how A Rocha Kenya through its well targeted project has changed their lives. You love the Environment! You are a friend of A Rocha!  You can support our work especially the ASSETS project. We are currently on a fund drive to sustain this project. Our target is to raise Ksh3,000,000/$30,000/GBP22,000 to be able to keep hundreds of the beneficiaries of this project in school next year. Any amount will play a huge role in sending a child back to school and putting a smile in everyone’s face.

IMG_4848Lydia Kayaa giving a speech at the dinner


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