A focused mind will never lack

We have over 100 stories to tell, but one at a time gives one the true picture that sure enough the ASSETS program is God sent to some of the families living around Arabuko Sokoke Forest and Mida Creek. Our main objective is the conservation of the threatened species in these endangered habitats. Communities around these areas together with the schools have been helping us spearheading the gospel of conservation through participation in our patrols in the forest, discouraging cutting of trees either for timber or carvings and also advocating for anti-snaring activities.

Below is an incredible story of Isaac Mwangiri, an ASSETS beneficiary who finished school at Galana Secondary school in 2012. Isaac is now the owner of JIBZY STUDIO in Malanga. According to him success comes to those who put some effort to try working things out.


“After finishing my high school education in 2012, I volunteered at A Rocha Kenya in Watamu for three months. Thereafter I started teaching in a public school called Yembe Primary school in Malanga. The board members of the school thought it was right to employ me as a part time teacher due to the fact that I had passed very well in my KCSE. I taught Kiswahili, Mathematics and C.R.E in classes 5, 7 and 8. I was in this school for exactly a year and since I had a dream of opening my own business in future I saved the little money I was being paid in Yembe. After the one year, I thought I should invest on the money I had saved and thus came up with the idea of a video shop. I started small but today I thank God my business is expanding day by day. I have employed someone who also takes charge when am out in events or weddings taking photos with my own camera upon given tenders. It might have been challenging but I do not regret any step I took at least I am proud of myself since I used what I had to do better.” Isaac believes anyone can succeed only if we use the little that we have be it knowledge or money.











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