‘NOT all hope is lost’

It’s not easy to predict what the future holds for the young generation, Lennox Magajia and Daniel Mwaringa are part of this young generation hailing from Girimacha village. In this village we find Girimacha Primary school, a school adjacent to Arabuko Sokoke Forest (ASF). They graduated from the said primary school in 2009, joining high school thereafter through the ASSETS program. They completed their high school education successfully and were at home not knowing what to do next. However, they did not throw in the towel, instead they decided to give back to the community through offering teaching services at Rutuba Academy (a private School) at a time when the country is facing a crisis in the education sector, where public schools are closed as a result of the ongoing teachers strike.

IMG_0399Lenox Magajia Teaching students at Rutuba Academy   

This situation has left many students with questions without answers, in fact those sitting for their national exams are at a greater risk of not performing well. Private schools seem to be taking advantage of this situation and the need to deploy a teaching force is paramount. It is because of this demand that the two graduates found their way to Rutuba Academy. The two had lost hope of joining college, due to inadequate financial resources. However, this current job might open doors for them so that they can fully furnish the desires of their hearts including pursuing higher education as they search for better options for survival. It seemed to be the end of life for them as they had expressed the fear of the unknown but the Bible recounts that God works in ways that we cannot even understand ….within the difficulties is where we are transformed to see difficulties as opportunities.

IMG_0401Daniel and Lennox

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