At Last ASSETS Finds one of its own

Finding the appropriate person to employ can sometimes be a tough task bearing in mind how many applications you always expect for any job advert you put up. This time round however the same task was made a lot easier by an application we noticed from an ASSETS graduate. Jonathan Charo graduated from Sokoke Secondary school in 2008, having received support from the ASSETS Eco-bursary scheme and came to volunteer at Mwamba Field Study Centre for seven months in 2009. It is at Mwamba Field Study Centre that he met a couple who were willing to sponsor his college education.

Jonathan giving it a try

Jonathan giving it a try

Jonathan has recently graduated from The Mombasa Polytechnic University College with a diploma in Environmental Community Health. Mr. Charo has now been employed by A Rocha Kenya as a Community Assistant, taking over from Patrick Kaunda who moved jobs in December 2012.

When he was in college, Jonathan was once attached to the Kenya Medical Research Institute as a field assistant where he gained good experience in community mobilization.

We welcome Jonathan back to the ASSETS programme; not as a student needing support but as a colleague. We all wish him well as he begins his career.

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